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DerrickStafford.com is the Home of Worldwide Referee School and Other Events. Worldwide Referee School is designed for those who desire to improve their officiating skills. Learn what you need to know on and off the floor to elevate your career. With over 37 years combined experience, including NBA Playoffs and Finals; NBA Referees, Derrick Stafford, Derrick Collins, Rodney Mott and Sean Wright will be available throughout the weekend to work with you to provide the highest quality of officiating training available. Our goal is to help you become a better official.

BOTH 2015 Camps were a MAJOR Success! We have heard “Many” Success Stories. Congratulations to each of your success!


We will see all Newcomers in 2016! Contact Us on Our Contact Page to be Added to the Mailing List for Next Year’s Camps so you can get the Inside Information.

Legal Stuff: Worldwide Camp Staff, it’s Subsidiaries, and Volunteers are not responsible for any injuries nor any events that may happen at, before or after each Worldwide Referee Camp! Please be safe! You are extremely IMPORTANT!